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Your competent partner for structural engineering.

We offer

As consulting engineers in the building industry, we develop and construct optimized structures to achieve highest demands in terms of economy, aesthetics and construction.

We want to achieve our goals together with you. Success in your projects is imortant to us. We are structural engineers with constructive ideas for the future. We develop ideas together with you. Sustainable concepts arise through creativity and innovation. We are constantly looking for innovative solutions in structural engineering.

Our origin is in Bielefeld where our engineering office was founded over 50 years ago.


Experience and innovation in Germany and foreign countries

The Grotemeier Engineers team serves clients and customers nationally and internationally. Within Germany interesting and challenging projects are implemented by Grotemeier Engineers as well as worldwide.

The increasing international orientation of the family company in recent years can be illustrated by interesting projects such as a production facility for vehicle brakes, WABCO, Wroclaw, Poland or a logistics center for hazardous substances, Reykjavik, Iceland. Another challanging project was the statical claculation of a composting plant in Iraq. In addition, Grotemeier Engineers has planned a new distribution center for the large logistics service provider Dachser in Copenhagen, Denmark. In Romania there were plans for the construction of a deep-freeze warehouse for the Macromex company.

With new challenges, company structures also have to be adapted. The company now employs three Chinese civil engineers to meet the international challenges professionally.

Why we are competent

Our team: strong and dynamic

  • We have a highly qualified team of specialist planners who, due to continued education, are always up to date with the latest standards and guidelines.
  • We are also certified planners and experts for building physics (noise abatement and thermal protection), passive house planning as well as concrete maintenance and energy efficiency experts for federal funding programs (KfW programs).


Our technology: modern and flexible

  • We use the newest computer technology
  • We create 3-D simulations for demanding projects
  • We rely on Building Information Modeling (BIM), the planning method in which all relevant parts of the building are recorded digitally. The information is always synchronized and is available to all project participants during the planning process

Our working method: modern and innovative

The construction industry is facing new challenges of digitization. We face the new challenges and offer our team highly modern working opportunities and our customers and partners the best prerequisites for a successful project.

Grotemeier Engineers and BIM

Building Information Modeling (BIM) is a digital working and planning method for cunstruction, which will bring a huge change to the way of planning. Working with BIM means useing a planning method in which all relevant parts of the building are captured digitally and transformed into a 3D-model. All project-related informations are always synchronized and available to all project participants during the planning process. Using the BIM method makes the complete project coordination more efficient and reduces the errorrate during planning. This ensures an increase of planning quality, high transparency and cost security.

We use BIM-capable software in our company as a tool for digital cooperation. With this software we can optimize our working processes and achieve higher cost efficiency, higher productivity and quality.