Construction of the Children's hospital Bethel, Bielefeld

Construction of the Children's hospital with operating rooms, laboratories and underground parking garage

Bielefeld, Germany
Type of building:
Hospital, Laboratory, Underground parking garage
Total Investment:
about EUR 70 million
Gross area:
about 27,000 m²
Gross volume:
about 92,000 m³
Architect / Design:
HASCHER JEHLE Architecture, Berlin
Planning horizon / construction period:
2017 - 2019, start of construction work 2019 - 2022

Protestant Hospital Bielefeld gGmbH, Bielefeld

Our service:
Structural engineering, service phases 1-6, including statical analysis for shoring and demolition

The new Children's Hospital with an underground parking garage arises on the site of the former Children's Hospital and Children's Surgery. The new building is placed in a valley of the Teutoburg Forest with the promenade and the Sparrenburg in the north and the Zionsberg in the south. The terrain is topographically very demanding. The stabilization of the hillsides is made with 8-10 m high 2-3 times retained bore pile walls. In the south the Kantensiekbach has to be relocatet into the new shoring situation.

The design is characterized by a filigree building structure, consisting of 6 cubes twisted against each other, connected by a light-flooded valley floor.

Static challenges:
The special structural challenges of this unique building are the difficult and changing topography and the in each storey changing building structure due to the different types of use. To achieve the best results several 3D building simulations were created for each building cube and for the entire building. The loads of the three upper floors had to be shored up by the ceiling above the underground parking garage. The soil structure is so heterogeneous that the load-bearing foundation soil is at depths between 6 and 15 m. All building loads have to be transferred into the foundation soil with 850 bored piles.