Expansion of the sewage plant in Rheda-Wiedenbrück

Construction of a supernatant liquor treatment plant, pumpstation, final settling basin and ozone treatment plant

Rheda-Wiedenbrück, Germany
Type of building:
Sewage treatment plant
Total Investment:
about EUR 22 million
Gross volume:
about 6,800 m³ digester and 9,000 m³ supernatant liquor treatment plant
Our service:
Structural engineering service phases 1-6

Particularities in structural analasys:
The supernatant liquor treatment plant is an 8 m high rectangular basin. The basin is divided into several rectangular basins, which are separated from one another by concrete walls. The dimensions of the entire basin are 38.35m x 29.2m with a maximum wall height of 7.85 m. The wastewater treated here is ""strongly chemically aggressive"". Different accident scenarios and filling conditions for a maximum water pressure of up to 8.0 to/m² were calculated.
The reinforced concrete container with an inner diameter of 21.0 m and a height of 21.0 m is a non tensioned reinforced concrete construction with additionally external prestressed tendons (SUSPA monostrand system, 150 mm²). The container has an external insulation of 20 cm. The load case temperature was simulated in the 3- D calculation simulated.

 The final clarifier and the ozone treatment are designed as round tanks with an inner diameter of 35.00 m, an average depth of 5.00 m and a funnel-shaped design with an agitator. Particular attention is paid to the temperature tensions and the highly agressive to concrete fluids to which the building is exposed. Due to the installation in an existing pool, special attention must be paid to the constraint-free training. This requires the highest demands on execution planning, the choice of concrete formulation as well as on work preparation and construction work.