Department of the Public Prosecutor, Essen

Foto von Nattler Architekten
Essen, Germany
Type of building:
administration building
Total Investment:
about EUR 16 million
Gross area:
about 17,500 m²
Gross volume:
about 65,000 m³

Construction and Property NRW, Duisburg

Our service:
Structural engineering service phases 2-6, building physics for all service phases

Within the courts area of Essen, surrounded by the police headquarter, the district court and the social court the new public prosecutor's office is planned. The 7 storey high concrete building with a gross area of about 10,100 m² contains 280 offices for in total 350 employees. The three basement storeys contain utility rooms, archive rooms and 119 parking places. The modern building has special security standards for the security gates and the arrest area.

Special statical challanges:
The particular structural challenge with this building was the safe transfer of the building loads from the ground floor to the basement levels and from there to the foundation. Due to the large spans and the small number of vertical structural components, high-strength concrete had to be used. Because of the high groundwater level, the foundation had to be secured against buoyancy using tie rods.

In terms of building physics, GROTEMEIER INGENIEURE also faced major challenges. High requirements to noise protection and building acoustics (low reverberation times)had to be taken into consideration. This also applied to the requirements for thermal insulation.