QVL Stadtwerke Bielefeld (Multi-utility control center of the local energy supplier)

Construction of an office and administration building including a multi-utility control center

Bielefeld, Germany
Type of building:
Administration building including a multi-utility control center
Total Investment:
about EUR 13 million
Gross area:
about 6,500 m²
Gross volume:
about 24,000 m³
Our service:
Structural engineering, service phases 2-6, building physics for all service phases, fire protection

Particularitie of the building:
The 5 storey high building on the premises of the Stadtwerke Bielefeld is planned as an office building including a repair shop and a highly sensitive multi utility control center in the 2nd storey. Due to the significant architecture the structural elements had to be reduced to a minimum. The joist-free long-span floor slabs need to be watertight to protect the technical facilicies.

Special statical challanges:
The multi utility control center is the central control for the entire gas- and watersupply in the city of Bielefeld. This control center has to work even during desater situations. The construction has to fulfill highest demands on the support structure, building physics (absolut term temperature and air humidity) and fire protection.

Because of the inhomogeneous subsoil and a fluctuating water table a complex raft foundation with inserted GEWI tie rods were planned. In addition, special safety measures had to be taken for the high-pressure gas line running directly along the construction site. The street next to the exavation pit had to be accessible for heavy goods vehicles during the entire construction phase.

Due to the large number of cables and pipes, the limited room heights and the required minimal supporting structure, point-supported ceilings were built. Ceiling reinforcements and pillars had to be made from high performance concrete (C80 / 95) due to the high punching loads.