New construction and reconstruction of residential buildings Zülpicher Street in Cologne

Reconstruction and addition of two new storeys to an existing residential building and new construction of an Appartmenthouse in the courtyard with a 2 storey underground parking garage

Cologne, Germany
Type of building:
Residential building
Total Investment:
about EUR 11 million
Gross area:
about 4,500 m²
Gross volume:
21,000 m³
Our service:
Structural engineering, service phases 2 - 6, Demolition planning, Konzept for shoring and underpining, building physics

This construction project is a reconstruction and an addition of 2 storeys to an existing building as well as a complete new construction of a 6 storey high residential building with a 2 storey underground parking garage within the city of Cologne. To sustain the additional loads from the new 2 storeys, the existing building was fortified by a steel-construction and a new pile foundation. Therefore hydraulic presses were used.

To build the 2-storey underground parking garage, the adjoining house had to secured and underpinned. Bored piles ensure the transfer of building loads into the foundation soil, which is about 12 m below ground level.