New construction at the Lindenthalgürtel in Cologne

New construction of an apartment building with 34 apartments including an office area and an underground parking garage for 50 cars

Type of building:
Residential building
Total Investment:
about EUR 10 million
Gross area:
about 5,500 m²
Gross volume:
about 25,000 m³
Planning horizon / construction period:
Januar 2016 bis Februar 2019
Our service:
Structural Engineering, service phases 2 - 6, Building physics

This new construction of a residential building including an office area andan underground parking garage is splitted into a 5 storey high building near the street and a 4 storeyhigh building in the courtyard. In total the two buildings, that are connected by the underground parking garage, contain 34 comfortable appartments and a 600 m² office area on a 2000 m² big property within the city of Cologne.

Special features:
The implementation of the sophisticated architecture, the calulations for the exavation and the underpinning of the neighboring buildings were extremely challanging. Because of the nearby street, the demands on the soundproofing were very high.