Main custom office Dortmund, Germany

Reconstruction and addition of the main custom office in Dortmund

Dortmund, Germany
Type of building:
Administrative building
Total Investment:
about EUR 37 million
Gross area:
about 17,000 m²
Gross volume:
about 55,000 m³
Our service:
Our service: Structural engineering, service phases 2 - 6

This building project is a reconstruction, the addition of a new storey and an extension of an office and administrative building for about 500 employees in Dortmund. The concrete maintenance of the 2 storey high parking garage was also part of the job.

The construction project with the external dimensions (without parking decks) of 120 x 35 m and a maximum height of 23.50 m includes the addition af a new storey on the existing building, a 5-storey extension and the complete gutting of the existing building. Some load-bearing columns and walls were removed, new ceilings were added. This required extensive inventory examinations, special support measures had to be planned. Although the existing construction was not planned for additional loads from an additional floor, this could still be realized by the complete verification of the existing construction.