FQ Friedrichstadt-Quartier, Jahnstraße 11-15 in Düsseldorf

Residential buildings - Jahnstraße

Dusseldorf, Germany
Type of building:
Residential buildings - 2 Apartment, 11 townhouses with gardens, underground parking garage with 57 parking lots
Total Investment:
about EUR 15 million
Gross area:
about 7,300 m²
Gross volume:
about 28,700 m³
Our service:
Structural engineering, service phases 1-6, Building physics all service phases

Particularities of the building:
On the former terrain of the Telekom data center in the Jahnstraße in Dusseldorf a new residential district arises with a 6 storey high apartment building, a 3 storey high apartment building and 11 town houses.

Special statical challanges:
The location of the building site within the city of Dusseldorf and the seccuring of the neighbouring building was highly challanging for structural engineering. Before the start of the construction work, Grotemeier Engineers created a demolition concept with all necessary construction securing measures. Another structural challenge was the recalculation of the existing, 40 cm thick point-supported basement ceiling for the new loads resulting from the 11 townhouses and the 3-storey high appartement buildings.