"Laboratory, University Clinic of Cologne (1st and 2nd construction phase) "

Construction of a research building with laboratories, University hospital Cologne, 1st and 2nd construction phases

Cologne, Germany
Type of building:
Research building and Laboratory
Total Investment:
about EUR 71 million
Gross area:
about 12,900 m²
Gross volume:
about 50,000 m³
Our service:
Structural engineering, service phases 1-6, building physics for all service phases

The first building section of the Laboratory has 2 underground storeys and 7 storeys above ground level. The highly complex building contains 5 storeys with flexible laboratories including Core-Facilities with the protection class S1 - S2 and an area with isotope laboratories and cleanroom laboratories with the protection class S3 (GEN TSV). The cubage of the second building section is similar to the first building section. In the 6 Storeys above ground level are laboratories for human genetics and virology with the protection class S1 - S3, the animals are kept in the two basement storeys.

Statical Challanges:
The special statical challange for this building was the building reinforcement. Besides the usual horizontic forces resulting from wind and inclination, seismic loads had to be transfered safely into the foundation soil. The neighbouring buildings hab to be secured for the time of construction. For the highly stressed concrete columns high-strength concrete was used. The foundation is a non-tension reinforced floor slab, which is partly supported on piles due to the very heterogeneous foundation soil.