Expansion of a food processing facility in Halle Westfalia, Germany

Expansion of a food processing facility with a social building

Halle Westf., Germany
Type of building:
Industrial building
Total Investment:
about EUR 35 million
Gross area:
about 15,000 m²
Gross volume:
about 175,000 m³
Our service:
Structural engineering, service phases 1 - 6, building physics

This building project is an expansion of a food processing facility with 2 production levels and 1 mechanical floor as well as a multi starey office building. The partial basement below the production area is a 7m high mechanical room.

Special structural challanges:
The new construction with the dimensions of 150 m x 70 m and a maximum height of 18.50 m is characterized by the column free design, both in the production levels and in the mechanical floor. Due to the high ceiling load of 2.0 to/m² and the column grid of 12 x 12 m, extremely high vertical loads of more than 12 MN have to be transfered into the foundation soil. Therefor more than 500 piles with a length of 15 m located under 1.75 m thick pile head foundations are planned. The building is braced via individual wall panels with a distance of 30 m.