DuBay Polymer GmbH, Hamm

New construction of a raw material discharge with a gantry, plant tower and silos

Hamm, Germany
Type of building:
Industrial building
Total Investment:
about EUR 8 million
Our service:
Structural engineering, service phases 1 - 6, additional services steel construction workshop drawing, planning for bored piles

The DuBay Polymer GmbH builds a plant for raw material discharge for the PTA-extension on the factory premises in Hamm-Uentrup. For this purpose, in addition to the building for the unloading of raw materials, an approximately 16m high tower was built, which has to accommodate several silos on different levels. The top level, about 16 m high, was designed for a steel silo with a total weight of 56 tons and a height of about 20 m, which rises up to 35 m above ground level. Additional silos with a max. weight of up to 45 tons had to be anchored on the other levels.

The foundation of the tower is done by large bored piles ø 1.50 m to transfer the constructiion loads of up to 4000 kN into the foundation soil. The construction works had to be executed during ongoing operation wich had to be considered at an early stage in the planning phase. In addition, the highest demands were placed on the deformation behavior of the building.