New depot and bus terminal in Bielefeld is sheduled for completion in 2018

Grotemeier Engineers received the order for structural engineering of the new bus depot in Bielefeld. A new MoBiel (MoBiel: Name of the Bielefelder transport company) site is planned in the district Sennestadt with halls for about 35 buses and a bus workshop.

New construction of a manufactoring facility of the company Sternmaid in Wittenburg, Germany

The works on the construction site of the manufactoring facility have started. The company Sternmaid enlarges the production with a new two storey production hall. The extreme high vertical loads of 2 metric tons per m² and spans of 10 m with a maximum bearing hight of 80 cm were challanging for structural engineering.

New construction of high quality residential buildings in the city of Detmold - Werreterrassen

On the four hectare site in Detmold, a new, attractive residential and urban quarter with initially 4 apartment buildings is planned. Grotemeier Engineers is responsible for the statics calculation. The official start of construction for this demanding project was in September 2016. A special challange for the statical calculation is the highly flexible and modern floor plans, which differ on each floor.

The team of Grotemeier Engineers participates in the run & roll day on the Bielefelder city highway

The team of Grotemeier Ingenieure starts highly motivated for the first time at the company run of the run & roll-day. The team mastered the 5 kilometers on the city highway with a total of around 1600 participants. This run is not about times, it's about team building and having fun at the common event. For our team, one thing is certain: we want to be there again next year.

First order in China for a Passivehouse planning

Grotemeier Engineers received its first order for passive house planning in China on Friday, April 22, 2016. The client is Shandong Yongyuan from the Chinese province of Shandong on the east coast. The company's managing director, Shuliang Huang and his business partner Xiling Wang had traveled from China to Bielefeld, Germany to sign the contract. Shandong Yongyuan was founded in 2001 and has 500 employees. The company specializes in the production of steel and glass facade systems.

Grotemeier Ingenieure offers its expertise in passive house planning for the construction of a new residential building. The order is initially a project with a building size of 400 m², which is to serve as a prototype. This residential building is the first of its kind in China to be designed with prefabricated passive house parts.

New project in the City of Cologne for Grotemeier Engineers

Grotemeier Engineers receive the order for the conversion and new construction of 2 residential complexes in the city of Cologne. The existing front building is increased by 2 storeys. The foundation of the existing building will be strengthened for the additional loads. The special static highlight of this project is the widening of the existing courtyard passage for about 1 m. This means that the entire four-story building must be intercepted. Due to the cramped conditions, the new building in the back yard has a two-storey underground parking garage, so that the neighboring buildings must also be secured using various special foundation engineering techniques (multi-anchored Berlin shoring / bored pile wall / HDI injections). The foundation of the new building as well as the reinforcement of the existing foundation has to be done with pile foundation.

Groundbreaking for the new construction of the Ernst-Reuter-School in Pattensen

The foundation stone for the new construction of the Ernst-Reuter-School was laid on February 16, 2016. Grotemeier Engineers created the static calculation including the execution planning. Gross area: 13,200 m², total investment EUR 22 million.

Construction works started for the Ernst-Reuter-School in Pattensen (Hannover, Germany)

Grotemeier Engineers created the statical analysis for the construction of the new school in Pattensen. The building is divided into two U-shaped, three-storey structures, which are connected to the already existing building by a thoroughfair. Aside the school building there is also a one-field sports hall.

Freiburg - Building developement at the former goods station

The implementation planning is almost finished. At the construction site works on the basement and the ground floor are done. The shell construction shall be completed at the end of June this year.

Grotemeier Engineers receives the commission for planning the construction of the Production hall II for Sternmaid in Wittenburg, Germany

The building contains a high-bay storage hall and a 2 storey production hall with a gross area of about 7,000 m².

Grotemeier Engineers receives the commission for statical analysis of the 2nd section of a laboratory and science building of the University medical center in Cologne

The experts of Grotemeier Engineers create the statical analysis (LPH 1-4) including the building pit sheeting for the 2nd section of the laboratory and science building of the University medical center in cologne.

Grotemeier Engineers starts the new year optimistically

New projects offer complex challenges for the Team of Grotemeier Engineers. Because of the good order situation Grotemeier Engineers again want to expand the team with an experienced civil engineer. In addition to business in Germany, Grotemeier Engineers is also focusing on the Chinese market this year. In spring the managing director is planning a business trip to China, in particular to discuss a concrete offer in passive house planning with business partners in Shanghai.