Grotemeier Engineers focus on BIM in structural engineering

In cooperation with Grotemeier Engineers, a student from the Technical University of Hanover successfully wrote his master's thesis concerning "BIM in structural engineering". With this knowledge and new software, the future employee will advance the BIM process at Grotemeier Engineers. From 01.01.2019, Grotemeier Engineers will use new BIM software, which will be increasingly be used for large-scale projects.

New Logisitcs-project

Grotemeier Engineers receive the order to build a high-bay warehouse with a picking hall in Sarstedt near Hanover. The client is Calan-Bau.

Sewage plant Rhead-Wiedenbrück

The final settling basin of the sewage treatment plant in Rheda-Wiedenbrück, calculated by Grotemeier Engineers, is in operation since summer 2018.

In addition, Grotemeier Engineers received the order to plan the ozone treatment plant. This is an 8 m deep basin with the highest tightness requirement. The high demands on the settlement and deformation behavior are particularly challanging. Due to the groundwater table close to the terrain, securing against buoyancy is also a complex task. This is done via tie rods.

The Grotemeier Team successfully participated in the Schüco Sports company-run with sunshine and good mood.

A team of six runners from Grotemeier Engineers started on Thursday, June 28, 2018 at the Schüco Sports company run in Bielefeld on the 4.8 km route. A total of 2350 participants from 120 companies were registered at the event, around 10% more than last year. "Running for a good working atmosphere" was the motto for the campaign. The Grotemeier Engineers team had a lot of fun and has already made a firm commitment to start together again next year.

Construction of the Composting plant in Sinsheim - one of the largest Composting plants in Germany

Grotemeier Engineers is planning the construction of a Fermentation plant in Sinsheim, Germany for Remondis SE & Co.KG on behalf of Eggersmann. The Total Investment is EUR 25 million. The building complex contains a hall for accepting the delivered material & removing any contaminants, a bunker building for temporarily storing the material, a double digester (each chamber: 2,250m³) for producing methane, a double digestate conditioner for drying the liquid digestate, 16 tunnels and three identically built storage tunnels for turning the material into compost as well as a staff facility and a technical equipment building.
The total build-up area is about 25,000 m².

Sewage plant Gadenstedt - Construction almost finished

The work on the construction site is almost finished. The sewage plant will be taken into operation at the end of this year.

"Condetta Storck" in construction

For the expansion of a 3-storey production hall of August Storck KG including a 6-storey office and social building, Grotemeier Engineers creates the complete statical calculation including service phase 1-6 as well as the the planning for building physics. The Construction site is in Halle Westfalia, at the company's headquarter. The special feature of this almost 25 m high building is the stiffening and the absorption of the high vertical loads by pile foundations.

Grotemeier Engineers at the International Passivehouse Conference in Munich (9. - 10.03.2018)

Grotemeier Ingenieure took part in the 22nd International Passive House Conference on March 9th and 10th 2018 in Munich. Several civil engineers at engineering office in Bielefeld have specialized in passive house planning. The Chinese employee Dipl.-Ing. Fuzhao Jiang deepened important contacts with Chinese partners at this conference. Grotemeier Engineeers has already completed an order for passive house planning in China.

Construction on the City hall of Pattensen finished

The demanding design including a large column-free entrance hall of PM-Architects from Minden, Westfalia was challenging for the structual analysis. The City hall is designed for about 100 employees and shall be finished in springtime 2018.

Grotemeier Engineers receives the commission for planning the Composting plant in Sinsheim, Germany for Remondis

The total investment is about EUR 25 million.The composting plant contains 15 rotting tunnels for turning the material into compost. On the roof of the rotting tunnels is a bio filter and process water reservoirs. The gross area is 7,500 m².

Sewage treatment plant Gadenstedt: shell construction finished

The total investment for the sewage treatment plant is about EUR 8.5 million. On the site of the sewage treatment plant is a sludge separator, a sludge piling container, a biological clearing basin, a blower station, a repair shop, an exhaust air treatment, a dosing station and a two storey building with offices, social rooms and sanitary facilities.